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April 2012



Haste Makes Waste

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I headed up to my rooftop today to take a couple of outfit pictures and of course I brought a full memory card with me.  I was rushing so I didn’t want to go back down to my place and get a blank card.   So I managed to find two pictures worth deleting to take my outfit shots.   Everything always goes wrong when you are in a hurry.  My dad used to always tell me  “haste makes waste” when I was child.  And boy was he ever right.  Isn’t it funny how the the things that your parents told you as a child ring true today.

Vintage Express Denim Jacket | H & M Tunic | UK Style by French Connection Leggings | Steve Madden Boots

Wow! I look so mean in these pictures. It’s just the sun in my eyes. I promise.


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